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Dell is one of the biggest producers of Laptops and Notebook computers, not to mention the enormous line of desktops. The basic motive of Dell is to make computers for every person and every place. Dell manufactures computers and laptops for students, consumers, businessmen and corporates. It makes computers for homes, schools, offices and even public places.


HP is often known to be a prominent supplier of desktops and laptops to corporate clients. The company is also preferred by a large number of people, since it is also a manufacturer of office utilities, such as photocopying machines and scanners. HP has launched a huge series of desktops as well as laptops. Some really innovative products that have been launched by HP include, HP TouchSmart a touch screen computer and the famous HP Brio. If you are planning to go in for a desktop, then this is the best brand for desktop computers that you can buy

iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone

Many households and businesses have the latest that technology can provide but, unfortunately, most don't have these items setup correctly and aren't using all the handy technology that comes with them. Utilising iPads and Smart Phones in your home internet/network setup can be a daunting task to the novice. So let us help you get the most from your devices and assist in getting your home or office stream lined. Personally, we feel iPhone and iPads are the bees knees in this category.


Lenovo, which had been previously known as 'Legend', is a Chinese computers company which caters to all possible segments of the computer markets. International Business Machines (IBM) on the other hand is a giant that churns out computers for every possible person on the face of this earth. In 2005, Lenovo acquired the computers division of IBM. Lenovo is maintaining almost the entire staff of IBM in North Carolina in addition to an executive headquarters in Purchase, New York. In addition to that Lenovo will also be able to use the IBM brand name and own the famous 'Think' marquee/brand name for 5 years

Apple Mac

Apple computers are known for their quality control, research and development and also their willingness to maintain a specific procedure of manufacture. Apple has successfully launched a wide range of computers that includes both laptops and desktops. The best brand for laptops on the market is of course Apple, due to its wide range of laptops that includes, MacBook, iMac and Mac Mini. A remarkable desktop computer that was released by Apple is the Mac Pro. Apart from the quality, speed and smooth running, Apple also caters to the style quotient. For personal use, this brand is the best laptop brand. If you're into audio recording/production, our tip is to go Mac.


When it comes to laptops, you can't go by Sony. We do very little call-outs for Sony faults, due to the quality parts and rigid chassis. Fantastic laptops! When buyimg a laptop check the surrounding casing is solid, without too much movement on the palm rest and around the keyboard. Also, if buying a laptop, also buy an external keyboard and mouse to use with it, as laptop keys and buttosn tend to be the first parts ----- of purchasing..

Installing an antivirus program and keeping it up to date can help defend your computer against viruses. If you get a pop-up window advising you have a virus or malware and the message isn't from your installed anti-virus program, chances are your computer is infected and it is the virus, malware or spamware that is displaying the message. Close the pop-up window, update your anti-virus program an run a full scan.
Slow Internet
Internet browsers stores every site you visit in a cache to speed up access to sites you repeatedly go to. This cache can fill up and, so run Disk Cleanup utility under Programs>Accessories>System Tools. Also try turning off you broadband modem for 20 seconds, then turn it back on.
Backup Your Data
Too many times we have come across computer users who have lost vital and precious data, documents and photos. all because they didn't have a backup schedule setup. We can recover data from some harddrives/computers when they fail but sometimes the drive is beyond repair and nothing can be recovered. To save yourself the heartache, purchase an external USB harddrive and setup a weekly or even daily backup of all you important files. Windows 7 has a very handy backup program and there are other programs on the market that are easlly setup.
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Malware Removal - Remove & proactively block virus spyware, and adware.
Computer Tuneup - Dust removal, software updates, hard drive defragmentation.
Upgrades - Install more memory or a larger hard drive.
Internet- sort out connection issues. Slow Computer - Locate and fix bottlenecks slowing your computer.
Blue Screens - Random crashes, windows doesn't start.
Hardware Troubleshoot and Repair - Computer doesn't turn on, shuts off, or reboots.
Software Troubleshooting - Analyze symptoms to fix application, driver crashes.
Wireless Networking (WiFi) - Setup, extend wireless range, setup encryption.
Operating System Install - Installing Windows XP or Windows Vista.
Networking - Home or business, we setup, configure and trouble networks/domains
Install Gadgets – Troubleshoot devices such as your camera,GPS, scanner etc.
On-site - We area mobile computer repair and IT Support service, visiting your home or business.
guarranteed IT support
NO FIX NO FEE guarrantee. If your issue re-ocurrs within 3 mths of us attending, we'll visit again to rectify the problem free of charge
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